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Call Centre Operations

Call Centre Operations

Joss Facility Management currently operate a 24-hour, 7 day a week urgent response service that is available to all of the companies Clients. 

Advantages in utilising this effective urgent response service are:

  • Prompt service from subcontractors due to their ongoing commitment to Joss Facility Management.
  • Uniformity and consistency in quality of work, due to each subcontractor being issued and trained with Joss Facility Management standards.
  • Pre-qualification of subcontractors, which provides training with Joss Facility Management in Quality Assurance Procedures, OHS&R and Code of Conduct.
  • Another aspect of the pre-qualification of subcontractors is that they must wear a photo identification tag while representing Joss Facility Management at any site. This procedure gives the Client additional security, in knowing that the people wearing a tag have been trained in the correct procedures.
  • The person calling Joss Facility Management to lodge a response only has to make one phone call.
  • Joss Facility Management Call Centre personnel taking the call outs are supported by technical staff, therefore can make an easy assessment of the problem and send out the right tradesperson to do the required work.
  • All trades people engaged by Joss Facility Management are covered by the following insurance policies; Insurance of the works, Workers Compensation and Public Liability.
  • All works carried out by trade‚Äôs people engaged by Joss Facility Management are checked for satisfactory completion by a Company Supervisor during programmed site visits.


24/7 Emergency Callout Service: 02 6051 1999