Joss Group

Current Projects

Project Start Date Estimated Completion Joss Contact
Ranges Civil Works at Puckapunyal & Graytown, Victoria March 2018 February 2019 SP2 Jason Martin
Queanbeyan Distance Education Centre, Queanbeyan NSW October 2017 January 2019 Darren Smith
Bega, Connected Learning Centre August 2018 January 2019 Brad Piltz
Grenfell, Connected Learning Centre August 2018 December 2018 Brad Piltz
North Gungahlin P-6 School, North Gungahlin ACT November 2017 December 2018 Shaun Deaton
Treloar E Large Technology Objects Store Project, Mitchell ACT January 2018 December 2018 Mark Bush
Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation Redevelopment (MITA), Broadmeadows VIC December 2017 November 2018 Leigh Parkinson
Affordable Housing Development, Olive Street and Richs Lane, South Albury NSW December 2017 October 2018 Craig Martin
Mount St Joseph’s Aged Care Refurbishment, Young July 2018 October 2018 Carl Friedlieb
Yackandandah Health Stage 01 | New Residential Care and Assisted Living Units, Yackandandah VIC October 2017 September 2018 Hugh Edmondson
Seed Store Freezer Room, Wagga Wagga July 2018 September 2018 Carl Friedlieb
Bandiana Civil Works April 2018 August 2018 Jason Martin
Partial Refurb of Atkins Hall, Demo of Doman Hall and Boiler House, Wagga Wagga NSW December 2017 August 2018 Carl Friedlieb