Joss Group

Current Projects

Project Start Date Estimated Completion Joss Contact
Queanbeyan Distance Education Centre October 2017 September 2018 Martin Little
Yackandandah Health Stage 01 | New Residential Care and Assisted Living Units October 2017 August 2018 Brett McClellan
GRDC Glasshouse Wagga Wagga September 2017 June 2018 Carl Friedlieb
Yanco Agricultural HS, Fire Safety Upgrade to Dormitories and Fire Hydrant System March 2017 April 2018 Tony Byrt
Gordon Beavan Building Lift August 2017 January 2018 Craig Martin
Thurgoona Golf Club - New Café August 2017 October 2017 Craig Martin
Learning & Teaching Upgrades, Orange and Bathurst January 2017 October 2017 Carl Friedlieb